The new US ambassador in Baghdad: do agreements with Iraq and national reconciliation optimistic
Mustafa al-Obeidi
Sep 09, 2016

Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: The new US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, optimism «make reconciliation in the country», and US support for reform in Iraq.

He said the US ambassador in his first journalist at the US Embassy in Baghdad since officially assuming his duties in Iraq on the first of September / September, said that «good conditions for reconciliation in Iraq, and he was optimistic also economic developments», adding that «national reconciliation at the local and regional level helps communities to recover from the control of the organization. » And that his country supports the reforms taking place in Iraq »,« and will work to help Iraq in national reconciliation efforts and improve its relations with the countries of the region ».

And through the new ambassador expressed his belief that «Iraq has multiple sources of wealth and resources and meeting all these ingredients, Iraq will succeed and have a bright future».

The Slemian «we will activate all the agreements in accordance with the strategic framework between Washington and Baghdad, diverse agreement».
He said «he was determined to strengthen the trade exchange between Baghdad and Washington to diversify the Iraqi economy and create private sector provides new jobs and contribute to economic growth». ]

And edit Mosul process and the position of his country from the participation of the popular crowd and Peshmerga where Silliman said «The liberation of Mosul process starts as soon as the Iraqi capacity to her, and joint strength is available to do the job and there will be American support for the process, noting that the person who will participate in the battle of Mosul decided by the Iraqi government, We are working closely with the Iraqi prime minister to meet their needs for the Liberation of the city of Mosul », alluding to« the American role is a collaborative role in coordination with the Government of Iraq in the implementation of the president's plans and Iraqi security forces to defeat the state regulation ».

And appointed instead of former US Ambassador Stuart Jones, the new ambassador said, that «change ambassadors nothing to do with US foreign policy, and that his country's policy does not change with people», stressing that «we do not see there is a change in our strategy and act according to the plans in support Iraqi government to defeat the organization. »

Iraqi President Fuad Masum has received the credentials of the new US ambassador in Baghdad, leaves, on the first of September, succeeding former Ambassador Stuart Jones.

A statement by the Iraqi presidency, said that the infallible welcomed the new ambassador and emphasized the importance of joint action for the development of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States in all political, military and economic fields.

In the audio message sent via the US Embassy in Baghdad site, Silliman said he looked forward to the continuation of the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq, calling on Iraqis to communicate with him through the social networking sites.