Alusi: Zebari received financial order of the IMF and the forces of law and want to overthrow him

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The chairman of the Civic Democratic Alliance bloc Mithal al-Alusi, Thursday, for parking the Union forces and a coalition of state law behind the work on the grill and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, to remove him from the ministry feared detect corrupted files of their own, noting that Zebari was inaugurated on Finance by the World Bank in return for granting Iraq loans.

He said al-Alusi's / balances News / "Iraq when he or loans from the World Bank refused to give Iraq," noting that "the World Bank said, and I quote the Iraqi government that distrust fiscal policy and finance ministers who Twalua on the ministry."

He said al-Alusi, said that "the World Bank on the condition of Iraq's inauguration Zebari, the Ministry of Finance in exchange for the granting of loans to Iraq to trust him as a diplomat, as opposed to others."

He noted diplomat, said. "Move towards Zebari and his dismissal came before the Union forces and a coalition of state law to overthrow him, fearing revealed major corruption files in their own financial-day control of the ministers belonging to them on the financial"

The House voted last week, on a lack of conviction answers fiscal Minister Hoshyar Zebari said after being questioned last month.

The Council is scheduled to vote today on whether or not to dismiss Zebari, but the lack of a quorum for the command is completed until after the feast.

It ended 29/33 h