Economist: the decision to grant the license is intended to pay for redundant staff to the private sector
By sd sd -September 8, 2016
Treasures Media / follow up
Said economist Abdul Hassan Shammari said backward Council's decision to grant employees vacation choice for a period of five years is one hundred percent correct decision.

In an interview with al-Shammari, "he said the decision was made to deal with cases of sagging career inside the ministries and other departments.

Shammari said that the decision aims to pay redundant staff to the private sector. Indicating that this decision serves to reduce the pressure on the state budget.

Shammari said that the budget is a full salaries of the staff and the continuing inability of the decision in the interest of the Iraqi economy.

The Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday a bill to grant employees wishing to obtain a license for a period of five years.

Ebadi said in a press conference held after the Cabinet meeting, which was held in Baghdad under his chairmanship, he said the cabinet discussed a draft law granting wanting staff to get a long vacation has been agreed, noting that the holiday that are discussed are for a period of five years and a salary of my name.