Electricity Meyssan announces introduction of new secondary station to work in peace.

2016-09-08 at 19:58

Baghdad the balance of news

Maysan electricity distribution Department announced one Directorate General of distributing electricity South, Thursday, introducing new manufacturing plant secondary peace, peace area (40 km) West of architecture.

The Director of electricity distribution/Misan Jassim, postal, Radhi received/balance of news, copy, enter "new secondary peace station (33/11 k. P) to work, in the presence of Governor Meyssan on Dwight, after the completion of the French Schneider company implementing project to establish civil and electrical work station and follow by General Manager South electricity distribution Engineer Mohammed Abdul Amir "backseat once entered for work were fed four feeders (11 k. p) to Web feed in areas (victory, peace, island, resilience).

He added that "the station were fed from the expansion station architecture (132/33 kV)", noting that "the work carried out by the company in a civil and electrical works were station, monument included rules for power transformers with pitching power transformers (2) mass (31.5 m. In. Any) with terms of control Chamber walls and ceilings as well as the observer's room with accessories.

The statement noted that "the station will come out (14) feeder (11 KB)", pointing out that "the goal of the station is to ensure stable power supply to argiculture as well as unpack bottlenecks high peace station (33/11 kV) old".

He continued, "the project within the investment plan for the Ministry of electricity", noting that "there is a specialized Committee of the Directorate, to supervise and follow up on the progress of work in the project, and work within the parameters of MEW controls."