The oil Ministry agreed with an international company to implement projects to increase energy and export locker.

2016/9/8 17:49

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry agreed Thursday with global company Foster Wheeler to cooperate in projects to increase energy locker and export.

The oil Ministry statement quoted received {Euphrates news} copy of senior agent Ministry Fayad Hassan grace while chairing a global company with foster Wheeler, that "the Ministry is keen to develop and modernize the export and storage systems and pipes and gauges as well as new projects contribute to raising energy export and large locker rates commensurate with future plans to increase oil exports from the southern ports."

Proxy stressed "the importance of cooperation and coordination with international companies discreet Advisory side or in the implementation of these projects.

The Foster Wheeler Corporation are global companies that oversaw the planning and implementation of several oil export system development projects and unilateral buoys and sea pipeline from port to export system.

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