Million Dinar(fine) for MP deliberately absent from parliamentary sessions

The number of visits: 210 Published on: 8/9/2016, 17:56 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

Parliamentary Legal Committee, on Thursday explained, the decision aggravated absenteeism, which the President of the House of Representatives apply in today's session to punish absent members, deliberately, as he pointed out that the resolution is required to pay the Attorney million dinars for the absence of all the formal meeting.

The committee member said Amin Bakr, in a press statement that "the decision of absence aggravated includes application Aqhobtin right MP absent deliberately including the imposition of a fine of million dinars deducted from his salary, as well as the codification of the large number of absences in his autobiography, which negatively affect his candidacy for membership of the Council for another session." .

He added that "the decision of absence aggravated requires a unanimous vote by lawmakers, not to be included in the rules of procedure," adding that "the decision will include unemployed MPs deliberately sessions and who did not submit an official holiday."