Optical deputy: We have completed the legal procedures to open a new border port with Iran

09/08/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 80

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Deputy for the province of Basra, on Wednesday, completing the legal procedures required for the opening of a new border port with Iran in Basra province and fundamentalism, as pointed out that the project would be discussed at a session of the provincial council.

The MP said the Basra province citizen bloc in the House of Representatives by a sound Shawky, in a statement received "long", a copy of it, that "we have completed the due process of law required the opening of border crossing with Iran in terms of orgasm as an extension to the terms of the monastery in Basra province."

He added Shawqi, that "the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui face a formal letter to the Provincial Council for the purpose of inclusion of the port on the list of their agenda is a draft and vote the service to the province of Basra and its people, and book another to the Iranian consulate notified the completion of the Iraqi approvals required for all."

The proposed council in Basra province, on Wednesday (24 August 2016), the opening of a new border port north of the governorate with Iran, calling to be allocated to transport large payloads and is implemented through investment if sufficient funds are not available to the residence.

The Committee of Planning and Follow-up in the Basra Governorate Council, called in (the fifth of August 2016), to the rehabilitation of border crossings as "an important economic resource," While the opening of a new port in the province criticized in light of the problems experienced by the current ports, stressed the need to address the problems administrative, logistical and overlapping powers in it.