Army Chief of Staff of Qayyarah: the security of civilians and infrastructure behind the delayed release areas

2016/9/8 15:40

[Oan- Baghdad]

He attributed the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant Gen. Othman al-Ghanemi, during his visit to hand Qayyarah southeastern city of Mosul, the delayed release of some areas from terrorists Daesh to preserve the lives of civilians and to maintain its infrastructure.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Defence, which did not mention the status of customs clearance as defense minister, as some media that said succeeding article, the Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, said that "Army Chief of Staff visited hand Qayyarah, accompanied by his aides for operations and Meera and a number of Alsnov directors and officers of the corner, and you lose the post-liberation from Conception Daesh terrorist. "

The Ghanimi during his visit to the hand, where he arrived by air, "We are in our calculations and our plans consider editing Nineveh key is to hand Qayyarah, also confirmed that we are always directed by the commander of the armed forces to preserve as much as possible to spare civilian lives and infrastructure, and be late to enter some areas for this reason."

"It was important lesson to lead the liberation of Nineveh operations it is to keep the families we were able to restore more than 80% of the villages of its residents, and now our security forces runs relief operations for the civilian population and that this was an important civilian effort, such as running water networks and other services." .

He pointed to customs clearance, "The people of Qayyarah have begun to revolt against criminal gangs Daesh before the arrival of security forces, and now the army and the people, and one case against terrorism."

The visit coincided with the army chief of staff and the arrival of food aid provided by the Iraqi army for the people side.

He was Chief of Staff of the Army has begun a visit to this cutter to meet with the commander of Nineveh operations and edit officers in the corner Operations Command Headquarters, and briefed on the progress of ongoing operations in the boycotted responsibility.