Basra is preparing to discuss the needs of marshes after its entry to the heritage list

Thursday 8 September 2016-02:59 pm

Basra Governorate Council Chairman holding an economic conference beginning next November to discuss all requirements and needs on how to revive the marshes after its accession to the World Heritage list.

Franck said in a statement to radio Marbad during ceremonial by the Council to honor a number of officials and media organizations who contributed to the accession of the marshes to the World Heritage list, to which a number of institutions will conference services concerned as well as the participation of representatives of the United Nations.

Has an affectionate, Director of Basra, Ahmed environment to the next stage you need to make great efforts to preserve the Marsh joins the list of heritage, said there was a plan prepared by the environment natural reserves management content in the marshes and it will discuss the plan with constituencies in the province.

Committee Chairman said the revival of the marshes Basra spring back to the next stage after recording the Marsh will be Heritage Department to manage the Hoar, take it upon themselves to provide all you need the marshes of requirements and needs.

In contrast, the photographers Association in Basra has shown willingness to support everything the marsh areas to ensure adherence of the marshes to the World Heritage list in documenting reality marshes through photographs.

Assembly President Ali al-Zubaidi that despite the absence of support from Central and local government for photographers to work will remain constantly moving picture reality of Marsh and beautiful scenery to the receiver locally and globally.