A local company that invests Baghdad tourist island worth 105 billion dinars

09/08/2016 13:35

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Received a local company, on Thursday, Baghdad tourist island as an investment opportunity worth 105 billion dinars for 38 years, and as it revealed that the investment of the island will include the establishment of several projects in which including water and other receivables for the Games, pointed out that for the establishment of projects will continue for three years.

The director of the Company (the crown of the medal), Walid Jabr said in an interview to the (long-Presse), on the sidelines of the handover of Baghdad tourist island site as an investment opportunity of the tourist authority, said that "the company has received, today, tourist island site as an investment opportunity of the Tourism Authority of a $ 105 billion Denaromadh 38 years old, "noting that" an investment location will include the establishment of several projects in which to restore its luster after being neglected after the entry of US troops to Iraq. "

He said Jabr, that "the projects that will be assessed by the company will include a water city modern and Other Games Zadavh 120 Chalet tourist," he said, adding that "water city will be held on an area of ​​30 dunums and will be implemented by a US company worth 12 billion dinars in the nine months, according to the schemes will make the latest on the level the Arab world. "

He said Jabr, that "for the establishment of projects at the site will continue for three years and will include infrastructure for site rehabilitation," expressing "the company was keen to exploit the total area of ​​the island, amounting to 500 acres, to make it a tourist facility attracts Iraqis from all provinces."

The director of the company, that "the tourist island will not be closed during the period of building them," pointing out that "the company will pay the wages of employees at the site starting today."

The Iraqi tourism authority complained, in February 2016, the existence of obstacles to take advantage of several sites in Baghdad and other provinces, and while confirming that notably relating to property bail, likely to enable them to overcome during the year 2016, in preparation for the development or transfer of the investment.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is full of places of archaeological and tourist but neglect, corruption and underdevelopment, and the implications of the security situation, precludes use them properly estimated.