Monument to the distillation plant Asphalt Tower Samawah refinery 10,000 barrels card

2016/9/8 15:10

[Where - Baghdad]

Midland Refineries Company of the Ministry of Oil announced monument distillation tower plant oxidized asphalt refinery in Samawa, Muthanna governorate.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of part of its efforts to support the oil sector confirmed Midland Refineries Company monument vacuum distillation to plant asphalt Tower oxidized and capacity of up to 10,000 barrels per day for the production of oxidized asphalt used for paving roads in collaboration with the executing agency for the project and the Ministry of Industry and metals General Company for the design and implementation of projects.

The company said "positive returns for the project and confirmed both the Midland Refineries Company or the city of Samawa and other provinces."

She said, "Work is in progress on the implementation of the project for up to the end of this year 2016. Pointing out that the percentage of actual Alanejar of the project more than 35% is divided on some of the events in situ and that the limits of 15-20% and the activities of processing materials and manufactured inside and outside Iraq, when collecting these two percentages up ratio to more than 35%. "

For its part, the company is executing the project according to the statement confirmed it had rehabilitated unit asphalt refinery in Samawa, 500 tons per day and that the contract amount of 32 billion Iraqi dinars and project implementation period of 30 months. "

He pointed out that "the duration of the project was 24 months has been added for six months as a result of some of the stops for reasons pertaining to material processing and manufacturing."