Water Resources: Mosul, security and the Italian company will soon commence maintained by dam

2016/9/8 11:30

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Water Resources, said the Mosul dam in northern Iraq, "the security situation and the Trevi Italian company will start work soon maintenance."

The Director General of the Authority of dams and reservoirs Mehdi Rashid in a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the ministry aims to deal with the riparian States with Iraq to regulate releases and get a fair share of water. "

Rashid pointed to the Ilisu dam project [Turkish] and its effects on the Tigris River basin, "adding," directed the ministry to take advantage of underground water in the face of scarcity. "

Iraq has signed a contract with the group [Trevi] worth 273 million euros [$ 296 million] for the restoration and repair of Mosul Dam over 18 months, and the Italian team is preparing to set up camp at the site of dozens of engineers and soldiers could take months to build it.

Mosul Dam by building multiple defects since its inception in the eighties has been built on unstable ground, and repeatedly warned the US and local officials from that gallery to collapse.

And he visited the Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti in the 10 last May, Mosul dam in northern Iraq, to ​​see the logistical details of the dam, and how to ensure the protection of the company's Trevi implementing maintenance dam.