Iraq gets UN certificate for the use of environmentally friendly gases

2016/9/8 11:25

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Health and Environment, Iraq obtain a certificate from the United Nations for the use of environmentally-friendly gases, to preserve the ozone layer.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "The United Nations Environment Program organized training courses for Iraqi experts on the use of refrigerants type of hydrocarbon HC Modular Cooling Type Hydro Chloro Fluor gases instead Karron HCF and the granting of the Iraqi team co certificate within the European standards which a certificate to practice the use of alternatives and safe use of contraceptives alternative cooling and the use of environmentally friendly gases for preservation of the ozone. "

He added that "these courses are considered paragraph of removing Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer plan included meetings with experts and representatives of the United Nations Environment Program and throwing lectures held on the participants about the development of the use of refrigerant ozone friendly and lessons in cooling and a practical and theoretical exams and also organize field visits to factories cooling which are used refrigerant environmentally friendly. "

The statement noted that "Iraq has succeeded in moving into friendly industries to the ozone layer and has changed the old production lines more than keep up with the Montreal Protocol lines to be among the industrialized countries that have succeeded in the transition to free from harmful gas industries."

He pointed to "a tribute to the organizers of the training courses and local officials in Milan efficiently Iraqi team and experts from the Ministry of Environment and workers on the implementation of the Convention with UNEP and factories cooling in the Ministry of Industry and professors of higher education and vocational education and training centers in the Ministry of Labour.

He pointed out that "Iraq and cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Industrial Development Program of the National Programme has prepared a plan and final removal of the substances listed in the annexes of the Montreal Protocol."