This is what is planned by Osama Najafi about Mosul

Free event ...
It revealed an MP for the Iraqi parliamentary reform front Nahla Alhbabi, for the pursuit of Osama Najafi and the support to the Turkish division of Mosul to many states in preparation to make it an autonomous territory, while condemned by refusing to engage in the liberation of the popular crowd province. She Alhbabi in a statement seen by "free event" that "Osama Najafi and a Turkish-backed seeks to divide Mosul in many states, and then make it an autonomous territory from Iraq, so that the person responsible for management and control becomes implemented schemes Turkish and agendas." She added that "the popular crowd will stand a stumbling block off aspirations and plans for that strives not to be involved in the battle to liberate Mosul under the banner Sectarian sensitivity, "pointing out that" the sons of the crowd seeking to participate Editing, mostly from the province and from different denominations and nationalities. "