People crowd: able to edit Sharqat within 48 hours

Authority confirmed the popular crowd, Thursday, the ability of troops to liberate spend Sharqat last bastions "Daesh" in Salahuddin in just 48 hours, noting that the intelligence effort to monitor all sites and nests "Daesh" in the judiciary.

A body of opinion in the crowd by Nazim al - Asadi said in a statement, " The security forces have deployed all the weapons and factions fighting on the Elimination of Sharqat leaving only the declaration of the zero hour for the Liberation of the judiciary , " asserting that "Aahd forces will spend the final Daesh in that region in just 48 hours ".

Asadi said that " the intelligence the crowd during the past few days to monitor all criminal dens Daesh and identify its leaders as well as a large number of elements and deal with them immediately after the start of operations."