Baghdad and Kurdistan to sign a memorandum of understanding for the relief and sheltering displaced people of Mosul

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration with the Kurdistan Regional Memorandum of Understanding private relief and sheltering displaced people of Mosul.
He said Immigration Minister Jassim Mohammed during the signing the document with the interior minister in the Kurdistan Karim Sinjari, told a news conference that the aim of signing for the purpose of perpetuating the coordination between the Ministry and the concerned authorities in the region process for the relief and sheltering displaced people of Nineveh , as well as the application of the humanitarian response plan developed for this file in coordination with the UN United and international organizations working with them.
He added that the paragraphs of the memorandum included the return of displaced families to their areas after liberation file operations and support the stability of those areas and how to secure the necessary funds in the next year to displaced families stationed in the region to provide the necessary services.
He said the signing of the memorandum is up to 2018 could be renewed between the two sides in order to activate the mechanisms of understanding through the terms of the memorandum, which will be clear to everyone in front of the concerned authorities , international organizations and coordination by binding memorandum signed.
The United Nations says the number could reach one million two hundred thousand people of the population of the city of Mosul and surrounding areas may be forced out when the battle begins recovered from the grip of " the organization of the Islamic state."
A spokesman for the International Organization UNHCR said it was expected to be the humanitarian impact of the Battle of the restoration of Mosul by government forces and troops loyal to her, "great."

More than 120,000 people have been forced from their homes by the fighting since March / last March when government forces began clearing the areas to the south of Mosul , gunmen from the extremist group said.