Sabah al-Tamimi: Iraq needs legislation to hundreds of laws to tackle the financial crisis
[Oan- Baghdad]
confirmed by the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary Tamimi morning , " the country 's need of economic legislation outweigh the 500 legislation contributes to supplement and evaluate Iraq 's budget."
And suggested Tamimi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, " the continuation of the economic and financial challenges in front of Iraq and the poor investment climate , which leads to osteoporosis in the construction and reconstruction of the country."
She added, "There are concerns by investors because of the volume of transactions that Atkdr costs not quantity nor the amount of time and all this because of ** financial and administrative corruption in government departments and without exception.
It noted Tamimi that " the lawmaker in Iraq from 2004 laws to this day does not exceed 50 legally total of 600 law and this is one of the reasons for slowdown in economic growth in Iraq .