Discuss ways to overcome tax problems experienced by banks Bankers Association held a meeting with the General Commission for Taxes

Views 84 Date 09/07/2016 - 18:45

In cooperation with the tax authority in the presence of representatives of Iraqi and foreign private banks operating in Iraq Iraqi private banks Association held a meeting with his divine General of taxation is the second of its kind within two months to discuss ways of mutual cooperation and the adoption of the principle of ashvavih and disclosure.

During the meeting discussed back and some outstanding issues.

In an interview for the General Manager of a successful tax authority Abbas confirmed that these problems have been resolved and the legal procedures and streamline.

The meeting was very n is to communicate the views regarding tax accounting that Iraqi private banks operating in Iraq is an important sector in national economic construction and we continue to operate in Iraq and that the revenues that come from them are OK and are right for the State.

With some banks raised the problem of double taxation between Kurdistan and Baghdad.

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