Representative financial discussed with heads of administrative units in the presence of citizen's lives touching issues jaburi

2016/9/7 14:21

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} parliamentary Financial Committee held with heads of administrative units in the provinces to attend House speaker Selim Jabouri highlighted issues that touch the lives of citizens.

Information Office statement said Jabouri, received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "House speaker Selim Jabouri attended today the parliamentary Finance Committee meeting included host heads of administrative units for the number of Iraqi provinces."

"During the meeting the discussion highlighted issues that touch people's lives and ways of providing services to them, as members of the Finance Committee and listened to the worries and sufferings encountered the work of administrative units in the provinces."

The speaker expressed "happiness to achieve such meetings, which constitute a State of harmony and complete picture of the reality of the problems considered more realistic detail and given to a legislator data and real results from which to formulate legislation and laws that lead to appropriate solutions.

"The House was anxious to follow all the issues that contribute to providing a service to the citizens and creating a suitable environment for a decent living, in order to create a State of permanent stability, and this is part of our responsibility and our commitment to our people".