Agriculture: the peasants have prepared 60% of the fertilizer and seven million acres will be planted with wheat

09/07/2016 11:18

Long-Presse / Baghdad

He expected the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, on Wednesday, the cultivation of about seven million acres planted with wheat during the coming winter season, and as pointed to prepare a new agricultural plan in agreement with the Ministry of Water Resources, confirmed the increasing amounts of fertilizer processing for farmers and farmers by 60%.

Technical Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Mehdi ligature Qaisi said in an interview with (long-Presse), "it was the preparation of the agricultural plan for the winter season next agreement with the Ministry of Water Resources and has been ratified by the two ministries have been Report Directorates of Agriculture to start it."

Qaisi said that "the most prominent in the plan is to increase the amount of processing for the fertilizer to farmers and peasants, where will reach about 60%, which is more than last year, while it will be the seed processing by 51%, which is less than last year, due to increased acreage, which amounted to about one million acres, "adding that" the ministry will import up to 10 thousand tons of seeds for compatibility with the increase farm for the winter season. "

Qaisi said that "the size of the expected wheat crop cultivated for spaces up to seven million acres of land and is secured by the rain, and the land is secured, go beyond the area of ​​seven million acres," noting that "the area of ​​land cultivated barley would amount to up to 700,000 acres.

The al-Qaisi, that "the cultivated areas of vegetables and fruits for this year will be good and probably more than last year," stressing that "the ministry is continuing to prevent three kinds of vegetables, namely, (, tomatoes, eggplant option) the availability of the local crop."

The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture carried, on Saturday (2 July 2016), internal trade and finance ministries responsible for the presence of fruit and vegetables a foreign "forbidden" in the local market, and confirmed it seeks to convince its counterpart in the Kurdistan region of commitment to the application of the decision to ban the import of available agricultural products locally.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced earlier for its proximity to the self-sufficiency of some crops, including crop wheat and barley without security incidents that have occurred in a number of Iraqi provinces, indicating all developed plans to fill the shortage of crops by expanding cultivated in the central and southern regions.