Vice-Abadi calls to speed up the resolution of the interior and defense candidates

MP for Bader Razak al - Haidari , a block, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to expedite the resolution of the candidates and the interior and defense ministries to provide security in Baghdad and the provinces, as a student of political blocs to renounce the internal differences and unite in general terrorism.
The al - Haidari said in a statement, that is very important , " the interior and defense file needs to be a concerted government and parliament 's efforts to resolve it, " calling Abadi to " the need to resolve the interior and defense portfolios as soon as possible and make utmost efforts to provide security and stability in Baghdad and the provinces."
"The Interior Ministry concerned with the security of the cities can not continue to manage without a minister , " noting that "Daesh terrorist boat on the end and it will be eliminated soon."
Haidari said that "Terrorism is a danger to everyone arrived and must renounce internal differences and unite efforts against these infidel groups that violated human rights in Iraq and the targeting of innocent civilians