Johnson calls to avoid the mistakes of Iraq reiterated Syria

He called British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, Wednesday, to not make the mistakes that occurred during the Iraq war again with the search for a solution to the conflict in Syria, with the pre - planned "Syrian opposition" talks in London.
Boris Johnson and demanded the departure of Syrian President Bashar al - Assad, stressing that it is possible to avoid the chaos that followed the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, in an article published in "The Times".
Johnson wrote "Why repeat the same thing al - Assad is not a strong man , but weak leader to some extent raises fear, will never be able anymore to maintain the cohesion of the country, not after the massacres committed." He accused President Assad using "brutal military tactics" in the ongoing conflict in that country.
Also he criticized the former mayor of London President of Russia, and "unjustified behavior" in support of President Assad. He wrote , "The entire international community is committed, at least initially, to get rid of the Syrian dictator, so the Russians have agreed on the need for a political transition."
"But the Russians are also using their military might to avoid defeat and keep it in power."