Legal expert: general amnesty does not come into effect until after its publication in the Official Gazette

Legal expert, said that " the general amnesty law does not go into effect until after its publication in the Official Gazette."
Tariq Harb said in a statement, said that "questions the Prime Minister yesterday evening about the amnesty law need to know the grave on these questions and on the amnesty law as the following effects:
1 that the parliament decided to amnesty into force on 08.25.2016 on any vote on it, but the implementation of any amnesty law enforcement and inclusive amnesty shall be a day of publication in the Official Journal Gazette of Iraq in accordance with the provisions of Article 129 of the Constitution , decided that he was working with laws from the date of publication in the official Gazette no can not work out before that date so that there is a difference between the force and the execution and the reason for that is that he does not need to punish crimes committed in the period confined between the force of law , any vote by parliament and the date of its publication in the official Gazette no take our time and can not be that allow such crimes and coverage amnesty evidence that today is the day of 06/09/2016 after 11 days from the date of the parliamentary vote on the amnesty has not been released amnesty law in the official Gazette.
2. can not Alaatma d on the approval of the parliament to vote on the ratification of the presidency of what was approved by Parliament as a basis for the inclusion of a pardon because he must be at the inclusion of amnesty that specify the number of the amnesty law and the number of the amnesty law granted by the Ministry of Justice when you publish an amnesty in the official gazette and not for parliament and the presidency determine No amnesty law as the courts and the competent authorities when they decide to include a case for clemency will no doubt remember the number of the amnesty law , and this figure is from the Department of publication in the official Gazette as it can not be inclusive to pardon a vote of parliament or the presidency authentication, but it must be mentioned Law No. Pardons.
3. Parliament , taking into account the observations of the Prime Minister on the evening of 09/06/2016 work to promote the draft law amending the amnesty law which exclude terrorist crimes, kidnappings and drug offenses and crimes of rape, sodomy trafficking and incest, crimes silenced weapons in which he stated , and only from crimes contained in the amnesty bill , which the government sent to parliament for legislation and not to the delay in the enactment of this amendment because there are other provisions included in the amnesty law must be applied and did not get trap them.
4. it is necessary to find out the reasons and the ills cited by the Prime Minister to exempt certain crimes from the amnesty because these are true and authentic.
5-all that can be seen and should not speed up the application of the amnesty law pending Act to amend the amnesty law as it is not permissible to include amnesty for some cases prior to publication in the Official Gazette and before the issuance of the Amendment Act