War: the consequent absence from public employment law

Dated: Tuesday 09/06/2016 7:21

Noted legal expert Tareq Harb that what happened on 09/04/2016 absent from some of the workers in government departments staff requires us to explain so special legal provisions contained in the discipline of state employees Law No. (14) for the year 1991.

Where decided that "public service commissioning national and social service-based targets with the public interest and serve the citizens,

And Article IV of this Act committed the employee to perform the work and the job himself with honesty and a sense of responsibility and adherence to working hours and lack of absenteeism without permission, or leave, and the approval and allocation of all working time to work because the State exercises its activities and its business by its employees, "

added the war," The Civil Service Act No. 24 of 1960, taking the provisions of the general function of the appointment and promotion and salaries and allowances and other provisions of this function and decided to service the laws of the civil service to prevent the employee from refraining from doing his job, it is a work stoppage in breach of a serious system of the state to provide services to citizens and this It constitutes a disciplinary offense was tantamount to the provisions of Article 364 of the Penal Code and the employee must perform work and duties of the Position prescribed it with precision and dedication in time and space required and as directed by the chief administrative officer, so that the most important public service obligations of the enrollment of an employee to work on time and not be delayed for the official working hours or tries to evade working hours or absenteeism always, "

adds war" and if the law has set the duties of the employee, he decided disciplinary sanctions on the employee when the breach of the obligations in question, and these so-called disciplinary offense, which means: every act or omission It constitutes a breach of the duties of the office Valtgab from work so as to justify the imposition of penalty on an employee at the lack of commitment to come on time, and disciplinary offense this is based on the career error Kaltgab and the result, which represents compromising functional system, not required to check the damage caused by this violation of the employee because the offense inevitably assume The existence of the damage done to society as a whole is a violation of disciplinary breach career system of the state, followed by the need to deter employee by imposing disciplinary punishment upon the exact form to Article VIII of the discipline of the State personnel Act,

which sanctions starting to draw attention warning and cut the salary and reprimand and lose salary and download class and rises to a certain extent segregation and isolation if the offense is serious, as the disciplinary punishment must conform to the disciplinary offense committed, and if these sanctions are authorized to someone the minister only,

the department and the authorized employee director to impose sanctions could impose minor penalties charged with considering warning and cut pay and a reprimand, but must form an investigative committee recommends the imposition of sanctions and a former employee after the imposition of the penalty may appeal the penalty to cancel or change within one month from the date of implementation has a complaint before the court staff spend if they are not responding to his complaint within 30 days of the expiry of the appeal. "