Magda Tamimi calls to approve the 2017 budget without amendment "to raise Hjeh government."
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called on member parliamentary Finance Committee, Majida al - Tamimi, the House of Representatives, not to amend the draft public finance state budget 2017 law.
Tamimi said told all of Iraq [where] that " the budget reflects the vision of the government spending so we approval as it is, because during the past years , whenever Parliament reshuffled them challenged by the government when the Federal Court and won the case."
She added , "If we have to amend the budget shall only in the door of the reduction and not carry our any provision of funds rather than modifying clauses challenged by the government and win the lawsuit, so we should not give the argument of the government and leave the choice in the budget and the parliament monitors implementation. "
she Tamimi, he said that" our expectations in the budget of 2017 is similar to a large extent to balance in 2016 with the change of the price of a barrel of oil to $ 35 and that we have presented to the government in the budget in 2016 but was not taken as their time and purpose in order to be safely and if prices rose it is a surplus budget otherwise it is illogical. "
it showed that" determine the price of a barrel to $ 35 is to search all other sources of revenue Relying solely on oil makes the budget is stable and hurt him large segments of citizens , employees and others. "
the Council of Ministers, voted in its meeting last Tuesday, the draft budget law for 2017.
the Prime Minister said Haider al - Abadi, a former time, that" 2017 budget suffers from a significant fiscal deficit due to lack of oil imports , compared with a rise of employees and retirees salary cap , "adding that the government" set the price of $ 35 per barrel of oil within the 2017 budget. "
He pointed Abadi , that" the allocation of functional levels of the health sector and the local police and the crowd People in Mosul "stressing" the pursuit Council of Ministers to submit the budget to the House of Representatives next September 10 before.
he said the parliamentary finance committee member Sirhan Ahmed, said the budget 2017 deficit, estimated at 30 trillion dinars Iraqis any of 30% of the total budget is larger than the budgets of 2016 deficit and 2015 , "he said . " there is negligence of the government in the fight against corruption and prevent the waste of public money. "