Iraq index slipping 0.01%. A single arrow, a list of winners.

06 September 2016 03:53 pm

Live: market general index slipped Iraq stock exchange by the end of trading Tuesday, succumbed to waning majority equity except only one arrow.

The General index fell at the close of trading today by 0.01% to the level of 554.39 points, lost 0.08 points from Monday's hearing levels.

Influenced by the cursor down 5 shares most illaftrain Bank led today's decline by 3%, and shares dropped 1.62 percent, Baghdad and Baghdad transport also fell 1.13 percent.

And the varying performance of the agriculture sector contributed to the decline of modern animal production and meat by Iraqi 1.96 percent and 1.12 percent respectively, while the Iraqi seed rose 1% to be the only winner today.

Wetzcz activity on bank stocks today, where Bank issued stock trading volume activities connector 93.15 million shares, and Bank of Baghdad active stock list of liquidity by about 55.79 million dinars.

Reduced quantities today up to 288.98 million shares compared to 595.24 million shares yesterday, and values to 163.47 million dinars 364.22 million dinars on Monday.