Bayati: Eid, Hajj and impeach Zebari because disabling the Parliament session

2016-09-06 12:42

Special balance news

Detect leadership in the State of law Coalition Jassim Al Bayati, Tuesday, the reasons for the failure of the Parliament to hold its scheduled today. While he cannot be held next Thursday.

Mowaffaq, l/balance of news, he "had expected postpone today's Parliament session, due to the number of deputies to travel abroad on the occasion of Eid is near."

He added, that "other reason is home more than 25 to 30 deputies to the sacred House of Allaah pilgrimage," dyed "the third reason that over 70% of Kurds did not attend the hearing to prevent passing a paragraph vote on the dismissal of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and other blocks agreement on non-attendance for the same reason.

He stressed that "the meeting cannot be held next Thursday for the same reasons."

It is said that the Parliament decided on Tuesday to postpone its next Thursday for lack of quorum