Work Announces Terms apply for loans to women beneficiaries

2016/9/6 13:54

[Where - Baghdad]

Social protection of women's department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced that the conditions to apply for loans.

He said the ministry spokesman Amar Menem, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was that "there are two types of loans, namely Rural Women's Development and loans Rasheed Bank loans, and are the first in collaboration with the Agricultural Cooperative Bank of the Ministry of Finance where he chairs the social protection of women's circle Commission grants, consisting of a representative from the agricultural Bank in the rural area inhabited by women beneficiaries wishing to obtain a loan and a representative of the municipal Council and another for agricultural Extension loans. "

He said Menem "This loan requires the recipient to provide archives probative to the bank said, as well as the project, which intends to stay after getting the loan, as detected on the project by the Commission is then to support the maturity of the loan, provided that the recipient to review the social protection of women's circle for the purpose of providing support proved to be one of the beneficiaries of the salary of the social subsidy, to be subsequently treated scrutiny from the agricultural Bank / general headquarters in the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of obtaining the approval of the exchange. "

He said the "value of the loan is five million dinars, granted in two installments and repayment will be one year after the receipt so that you pay million dinars a year without interest."

With regard to the Rasheed Bank loans called Menem, according to the statement beneficiary wishing to obtain a loan for a review near the place inhabited by branches all that bank governance provide a feasibility study for the project, which intends to stay for the loan, and this is done by the women's circuit protection introduction of beneficiaries in the sessions [vocational education] on an ongoing basis for the purpose of clarifying the mechanism to get the loan and how the loan to convert a small project or a medium, as well as provide the beneficiary book to make it easy to apply for the loan, which is determined by the project, which intends to submit it to the bank value, to pay an interest rate of 5, 5% of the loan value provided to find a sponsor and to convince the bank to its project through the feasibility study submitted to it, knowing that your repayment period of three to four years.