Parliament to raise its Thursday for lack of quorum

09/06/2016 12:15

Long-Presse / Baghdad

He raised the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, the 17th of the first legislative term of the legislative session for the year to the third day after tomorrow, Thursday, for lack of quorum.

The decision of the House of Representatives Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The House Speaker Salim al adjourning the 17 of the first legislative term of the third legislative year, scheduled for today, the day after tomorrow, Thursday."

He attributed Ihsanoglu, reasons to adjourn the meeting to a "lack of quorum".

He was scheduled to see the Iraqi parliament session on Tuesday to vote on two bills, notably the second amendment to the law on investment in the crude oil filter No. 64 for the year 2007, and to discuss the seven other laws.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives of Iraq lifted, on Monday, the (29 August 2016), 16 of the legislative term of the first third legislative year the meeting to Tuesday, (the sixth of the month of September 2016), after the vote to cancel the integration of cement companies decision. The Law Commission of border crossings.