2 October. Global hotels Karbala discuss recycling profits

06 September 2016 09:55 am


Karbala hotels company called (HKAR), included Iraq market for securities, the company's General Assembly meeting held on Sunday 2 October 2016, according to a company statement.

The Council said in a statement the company to the stock exchange, Tuesday, to discuss global financial performance for the year 2015, and make the decision in the remaining profits after deducting taxes and reserves to turn it into a surplus accumulated profits.

Annual financial results of the company for the year 2015, the drop in profits to 1.43 million dinars, compared with 156.8 million dinars about 2014, according to the financial data available at the market.

And the former public company agreed in late January to extinguish what remained of the accumulated deficit of 37.22 million dinars by the end of 2014, the cumulative surplus account of 131.91 MTD, and turn left after taxes to account for the surplus.