Arab League discussed today ways to support Iraq against "terrorism"

It begins at the General Secretariat of the Arab League, Tuesday, 146 of the session of the Arab League Council at the level of permanent delegates , headed by Tunisia.
The permanent delegates will discuss over two days to prepare for the ministerial session of the Council at the level of Arab foreign ministers to be held next Thursday at the headquarters of the Arab League, and discussed the overall developments of the joint Arab action politically, economically and socially.
Ambassador Ahmed Ben Helli , Deputy Secretary - General of the Arab League and stressed the importance of this session, explaining that it includes 30 items , including 52 placed on its agenda and to deal with the latest developments in the region and move toward the Palestinian cause, and the crises in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.
Ben Helli said, that there is a clause will discuss the preservation of Arab water in advance by Iraq, stressing in this context the importance of supporting Iraq in the fight against terrorism and other Daesh.