France warns of risk of transmission of "Daesh" to Egypt and Tunisia

He warned French Defense Minister Jean - Yves Odrian, the risk of transmission elements of "Daesh" to Tunisia or Egypt, when they are expelled from the areas they occupy in Libya.
And across to Odrian regret at the lack of consultation and the neighboring countries , including France and Italy to address this threat, according to the channel "France 24".
He added that "we have to put into account seriously the proliferation of terrorists after the restoration of Sirte and Benghazi , perhaps from their hands."
He continued that " it will cause indirectly new dangers to Tunisia and Egypt."
The process of "Almrsos architecture" allied forces accord with the Libyan government, launching attacks on another site to organize a "Daesh" in the city of Sirte , some 450 km east of Tripoli.
On the other hand, the Libyan army waged under the leadership of Gen. Khalifa Haftar operations against the organization and other extremist groups in the city of Benghazi.
French and American sources confirm that between five thousand and seven thousand armed for this organization are currently in Libya.