Deputy talking about the abductions and killings in northern Baghdad, demanding Abadi rapid intervention

Carried the MP to meet with the pink, Tuesday, Baghdad Operations cases of murder, kidnapping and looting which have increased in frequency in two months in northern areas of the capital, as demanded Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi rapid and resolute to intervene and put an end to the great security for the loose.
Her pink in a statement, " The past two months have seen the areas mentioned significant increase totals armed claiming affiliation to rally popular raiding citizens in their homes, kidnapping and compromise their loved ones on the amounts of money and then kill and throw their bodies on the side of the road", loaded with Baghdad operations , "cases of murder, kidnapping and robbery which have increased in frequency in areas of Tarmiyah and Taji, viewing, in full view of the security forces , which only the position of the spectator. "
And called for pink commander of the armed forces , Haider al - Abadi to "rapid and resolute step in and put an end to the great security for the loose that seen in those areas that target a particular component , " emphasizing the need for "accountability Almswolin on the security forces , which holds the security file in the areas mentioned for failing to save the lives of citizens . " .
She Pink that " the protection of persons from enforced disappearances law is today an urgent need to put an end to cases of abductions which constitute a great challenge to the Iraqi people", pointing out that it " is working with the legislation in the House of Representatives and the Office of the Independent Human Rights Advisory Office in order drafted and presented to the House of Representatives for approval coming soon".