Closure of the top twenty

9/6/2016 0:00

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Concluded on Monday in China 's Hangzhou City for the twentieth group that recently took place under the theme "Towards an innovative and active and interdependent world economy , " the top.

In the final statement called on participants at the summit to further cooperation and progress in the global financial and economic governance issues, and the movement of trade and investment in the world 's overall development, as well as discuss ways to combat terrorism and face the crisis of refugees.

According to the statement, the members of the Group of twenty will be committed " to ensuring that serve the economic growth everyone 's needs and benefit all nations and peoples, especially women, young people and the disadvantaged, and to provide more new jobs and the treatment of the disparity in income and poverty eradication, so that no one comes out of the circle to benefit from economic growth in the world. "

He also said the final statement of the summit of the Group of twenty to support the further implementation of the reform of the world Bank quotas. Welcomes the Group of Twenty is also the inclusion of the Chinese currency , the yuan in the SDR basket for the International Monetary Fund, as of October 1.