Capitalism .. global and local

9/6/2016 0:00

Walid Khaled al - Zaidi
Can not be denied that the Iraqi economy is heavily influenced the global economy to the fact that our country is part of an international system based on a package of changes that occur in the world today, for example (price changes in the global oil markets), as well as problems and regional crises that occur in most countries in the region such as the imposition of international economic Alakoaat some countries in the region and political problems such as changing regimes in other countries, which is reflected in one way or Bakhraly the volume of trade between those countries and Iraq.

But nevertheless, Iraq 's dependence on global capitalism, in moving the national forces of production process and mold within the framework of this free economic doctrine which a lot of caveats and problems and the pictures are not clear and the results of Athmd consequences in the final outcome, so that they appear disadvantages in the event of global crises , where more is affected by Iraq and cause a deterioration in the case of integration between the pieces and local markets.

The subordination of Iraq , the world economy free now walking without limitations and would be productive base of the national weaken local capitalism (so to speak) as the cause about the erosion of commodity production in the different national sectors such as agriculture, industry, housing size, as well as labor market services sector.

The opening up of Iraq on the global markets and benefit from the experiences of successful the vulnerability positive does not mean blind submission have Awalanzoa under the jilbab is familiar not deliberately , but comes through seeking more of those experiences catalysts and the factors that will encourage the Iraqi private sector and happening local capitalist revolution take the right tracks and vast Mshatha in the diversification of the national economy , sources and give him a field in contribute effectively to a prompt and sophisticated economic decision - making also contributes to supplying the domestic market with goods and goods commensurate with the needs of the Iraqi people and supports services market and lays a solid rings in the overall national development series.

But we have to say: that the local capitalism requires a set of economic policies , such as the adoption of effective imports to move the wheel of development, especially activating a number of thoughtful reforms that fall within the framework of activating the private sector and update images production and strengthen its sources and that issue in turn can not be successful , the vast Mdyatea did not take seamlessly linked to the investment climate purity and free of Almarqlat Blur and this in turn will lead the capital to activate activities national economic and encouraging gross domestic product and limit the imported foreign and be an essential resource of national income at the government level and the level of the individual (both), as well as securing suitable jobs for Iraqis and the liberation of Iraq 's budget than relying on the returns of the export of oil to world markets' and thus puts a fundamental building block in difficulties in identifying the financial crisis experienced by our dear country.