Oil Minister confirms the need for expansion in the areas of external and domestic investment

2016-09-05 at 17:08

Baghdad-the balance of news

Jabbar oil Minister fault, Monday, need to expand areas of external and domestic investment in the distribution sector, petroleum products and related services.

Said the flaw during seminar company SKA repositories and export systems, according to the oil Ministry statement received/balance of news, a copy of it, that "the Ministry strongly supported the expansion plans and project a modern, sophisticated systems for export and import of oil derivatives in the Khawr al-Zubayr.

He noted "the importance of the development of domestic and foreign investment prospects in the advancement of the distribution sector and petroleum products and other services," stressing the "encouraging investment in these sectors.

The Minister called for "greater openness and rapid in all areas of investment, whether foreign or domestic investment, especially in the Israeli Prime Minister is visiting activity the production and distribution of petroleum products."