DHI sign a contract with a Chinese company to create a wireless operator in the marshes

2016-09-05 at 18:08

Baghdad-the balance of news

The Governor signed Qar Yahya Naseri, Monday, contract extension to create a wireless switch for the marshlands with Chinese company ZTE representative with the capacity of 60 thousand lines cost 3.5 billion dinars.

Nasseri said in a statement, issued by Dhi received/balance of news, a copy of that "additional contract was signed with Chinese company zte representative to create wireless function includes all the marshlands."

"The contract obliging since 2012 has been modified some technical paragraphs to suit needs of citizens in the marsh areas through the provision of telecommunications services, and is step to support tourism in the marsh areas after its accession to the World Heritage list.

And the statement that "the project cost 3.5 billion dinars on regional development plan for 2012, and the duration of the project is completed by the new contract within six months," pointing out that "the project capacity for 60 thousand subscribers as a first step and at prices commensurate with the economic situation of the local population in the marshlands."

The project contributes to the development of tourism in fact marsh areas as well as the telecommunications sector ", noting that" the province will follow the work of the company implementing the project to ensure optimal implementation of the contract and within specific timings. "