The completion of maintenance and operation of the electricity grid in Ramadi

2016/9/5 19:22


Completed the engineering and technical staffs in Ramadi electricity distribution Directorate of the General Directorate for the distribution center acts electrical network maintenance in the city of Ramadi electricity.

She said ministry spokesman Musab teacher in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday that "the work involved monument number of transformers and columns extending wires and repair of cables, where they were denied Kablo 1 x 400 mm wealthy Phys from the mobile station via the nationalization Bridge a length of 600 meters, as well as overhead line repair 33 KV length of 1500 meters instead of cables devastating. "

He added that he "was repaired Alkablo devastating due to military operations and a length of 3 km, as well as rehabilitation and operation of feeder 1.5 km length for the purpose of delivering electricity to the public maternity hospital, in addition to the establishment of a nutrient length 750 connecting meters to compound Water Palace of Justice as well as the rehabilitation of feeder Linker length of 1200 meters of water to the compound in Umm Ammar Tamim area, delivering an electric current to complex water 7 km.

He said he "has the immediate rehabilitation of feeder Agriculture connecting to southern Ramadi station 33/11 KV for the purpose of feeding electricity circles and gas plant and emergency regiments and the Directorate of Education Anbar circuits password, and run feeder sewage plant Althelh Assembly, has also been running Kablo feeder Ramadi General Hospital" .

He pointed out the teacher that "the Angels completed staffs installation and operation [50] system Lighting solar-powered in the city of Ramadi and rehabilitation of the electricity network for the Qadisiyah the first and 80% of the electricity network in the Assembly, and the delivery of electricity to the building, the Electoral Commission in Anbar and run 3 km from lighting street Holi north and the delivery of electrical current to the water complex at Albu-Thiyab in the area of ​​the island, as well as rehabilitation Althelh area. work included monument [8] adapters instead of transformers Alentdharrh and Works [4] adapters and replacement columns affected and rehabilitation and operation of July 30th district in the nationalization and by completion of 100%. "

"The Angels qualified nutrient stores 11 KV issued by the Qadisiyah station and nutrient stores Directorate and Dezlat nationalization and rehabilitation of Qadisiyah area first by 40%, as well as the immediate rehabilitation of the company's area by more than 85%, and rehabilitation Assembly area behind Hussein station, installation and operation [7] Transformers new in it. "
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