Parliamentary Energy: waiting for approval of oil and gas law from the government for legislation
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Commission on oil and energy parliamentary explained, it was waiting for approval of oil and gas law, from the government for the purpose of the legislation in the House.
Committee Chairman Erez Abdullah, told {Euphrates News}, the latest version of the draft law "drawn by the government to redraft and consider it, but until now did not get us a new project or the old , " noting that "we are waiting for a new project or remodeling project {old} to parliament in order to proceed. "
he explained , " without an agreement between the federal and provincial government and the oil - producing provinces, the enactment of the oil and gas law cause other problems, so the law requires agreements and the n the legislation in the House of Representatives. "
he was a member of the legal Committee in parliament MP for a coalition of Kurdish blocs Amin Bakr, confirmed in 27 of last August, the intention of parliament to approve a draft oil and gas law in the coming period.
he said Baker's {Euphrates News}, "we have a package of laws , including the justice and accountability and financial laws exempting companies from taxes and the oil law and gas, "he said . " there 's determination to approval. "
It is said that several laws approved in parliament crashes since the previous sessions and the most important of the National Guard, oil and gas and other laws of the Federal Court after disagreements revolve around by the political blocs.