Deputy for the citizen demands to expedite the disbursement of pensions in Najaf
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} demanded an MP for the mass of the citizen, that the shower, to expedite the Alraotb pension segments beneficiary in the province of Najaf Exchange.
A statement by the mass of citizens received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Monday, " The MP for the Bloc that shower, visited the Rafidain Bank in Prince neighborhood in Najaf and met with the director of the bank."
Discussed the Attorney shower "with the manager the problem of the distribution of pensions delayed delivered to retirees than the momentum of a big effort for this segment why she stands for long hours waiting to receive financial dues. "
stressed the MP that" at the same time we find it is the duty of our financial institutions , whether the board of retirement or government banks, providing everything necessary for the convenience of Almottagaeidih chip supplies, which suffer often causing intense anger many objections arrived at our office and claims to solve this dilemma. "
for his part, director of the bank that" the Directorate retired Najaf, a big financial accounts in the bank but does not release these accounts in order to be distributed to retirees, and the bank can not be fired from without approvals stakeholders. "
carry the retirement board and the Directorate in Najaf , " the responsibility of the great momentum that is happening in the banks. "
in a related context shower references to" the subject of the launch of the financial advances to employees and mechanisms of action and side to take advantage of them, "stressing" the need for transparency in the granting of the staff and find a large facility to minimize the suffering of the procedures ".anthy