Infallible: hard to give up powers from quotas, which the Baath exercised

2016/9/5 15:23

[Oan- Baghdad]

I criticize the President, Fuad Masum, the system of government in Iraq, "describing the" political quota system in the ministries and institutions of the Baath as a policy. "

Masum said in an article, "it was natural that in Iraq constituted governments after 2003 on the basis of broad-based to form a national unity government, and a government of national unity in the habit is a government imposed certain conditions facing the country; such as war, natural disasters, or dictated by the nature of the political life, which is sometimes a transitional government mandate to hold elections. "

He added, "This was the work of such government in Iraq is acceptable for the interim government, [2004], as well as for the transitional government [in 2005], it was the circumstances of the country and try various parties rounded on the basis of the partnership is the motivation that dictated the need to adopt the principle of [the national unity government ]. "

However, Masum said, "but when the formation of the government in the first session of the House of Representatives in [2006] was better is the formation of a majority government, this does not happen due to the nature of the construction of the political forces that did not include a party or a transient mass actually national, religious and ideological diversities."

"The elections have produced a major parliamentary blocs; Shia and Sunni and Kurdish city, was a representation of all social components in the government is the need to stick to the government of national unity."

The President of the Republic, who belongs to the Kurdish nationalist "It is true that parties and personalities tried to form clumps cross-sectarian but this will, after the arrival of those blocks representatives to Parliament, did not last long; it was a sectarian tendency is more than just national wills, In practice whether mass It includes a bit of national diversity win and reach the House of Representatives until they find their members were dispersed by loyalties even if the bloc remained nominally retain its name. "

The "reality can be attributed this situation to the political psychological factor; to [fear] Old isolation on the basis of nationality and sect, have been dedicated and doubled after 2003 for political reasons, in terms of what the Shiite street and Kurdish is still governed by the fear of the past and behave electorally in the light of this, while the Sunni street live under fear of the future. "

He argued, "It has been going on [investment] politically this fear to adopt political life on the basis rather than politics works to free people from it and move democratic process on the basis of citizenship, which guarantees the rights of all Btnoahm and their differences, ideological, religious, national, political, and I have this psychological atmosphere provided room for wrestling actress between the political forces of the components between the blocks within a single component itself. "

Masum said, "rather than compete electorally on the basis of the achievement of the achievements of the citizens under being continued intimidation and adopt the way for electoral gain, and this is what made the keenly contested even among the political forces within the same component on the basis of fear development between citizens and the work of all the power in order to present themselves to their audience as the only guarantor of their security and future of the other dangers of them. "

He attributed the "rule-based management problems in Iraq since 2006 until now to be the result of this conflict within the major blocs, as well as between them and the rest of the participation in the government blocs, has imposed this nature in the power structure and the blocks forms of competition within each block of the part and between them and other blocks of on the other hand, this is the first day since the imposition of the principle [of quotas] In practice, a principle I want to refine the nomination [compatibility]. "

Shows infallible in his article about the political reality and the system of government in Iraq after 2003 that "the system compatibility of thinking and political action is a non-numerical proportions in the positions, and the quotas Another thing is the principle of balance in the departments and institutions who deserves everyone respected," stressing that "the quota system created privileges and influential to many out there to get it without the dedication of quotas, the quota has been sharing an easy gateway to gain privileges that some descended to the level of corruption. "

The President of the Republic, that "it is difficult now to many forces abandon this principle [of quotas] who attribute all the power and authority in Iraq's problems without initiating party to break quotas and provides thus an example for others motivates them or embarrass them and forcing them to contribute to the completion of the principle of quotas and numerical proportions, "noting that" the balance as we have said is a non-quota system, which is provided by the case of working principle of citizenship in filling public positions and on the basis of merit and need. "

He stressed the importance of "thinking seriously by the Civil Service Council] as a entrusted with employment in the organs and institutions of the state which should be completely removed from the political use of the responsibility," noting that "we are here to say that the quotas have restricted opportunities for compliance, Valancgal quotas deviates thinking and political action toward self-interests and about focus on them, while compatibility requires some reduction in the ceiling for the benefit of what is common, and that did not happen. "

The infallible "was supposed to remain [coalition] inside the cabinet exclusively, but the quota system imposed itself bad Bdaha, and took another dimension and behavior in practice differs from the political meaning of the coalition, thus became a minister belonging to the party and within the bloc looked to the ministry and behave like a menial and then to his own party and then to mass. "

He noted the President of the Republic that the problem of the quotas "become deeper when spilled quota system in the rear of state structures at all levels until he became the appointment of service workers in the ministry or institution, and daily wage, subject to these standards, including sated institutions not only disguised unemployment, but even big problems compounded problems politics and governance in the management of the country, and this will be recalled and re-form or another policy [Tbaat] government institutions and society followed by the previous dictatorial regime, a policy that led to what led to him. "

He stressed, "should address these problems and recognition, Vtchkas problem is the first step necessary for the processing and completion of a fundamental problem, and this diagnosis is often Athaj to embarking for attainable."

He added that "the courage we must push him desperately to stand at the depth of the problem, which confused the political system after 2003, the root problem is in the nature of party building on sectarian and religious and national foundations, which then lies in the failure of the political life in the production of parties based on citizenship ".

The President of the Republic to, "These characteristics affecting negatively in the evaluation of political life was becoming increasingly entrenched with advancing years and began to create a means of sustaining, unlike the logic that requires exceeded those of nature, and harmony with the liberalization of the political life of their problems requirements and starting to build a civil state and achieve reforms."

And "this acknowledgment conclude beneficial result is that the political, administrative and financial reform will not be complete, and will not social reconciliation and civil peace achieved, as long as remains belonging sectarian and ethnic meter is no solution without access to political blocs based on the foundations of citizenship first and for what they offer this block or of those dedicated to serving the citizens' programs and for the people tangible II and his life, and be free of Iraqi voters to vote for a program of this party or that bloc by conviction alone. "

He concluded infallible article by saying "should be free from the moment of fear, the fear that has been devoted to the past and the future for political reasons, fear of addressing the problems by sound and practical, this liberation can not be achieved Baltmanaat but legislative changes and the work of a political non-AC and far from understanding the storm national problems, then just going to have a chance to form a ruling coalition and the opposition national Avenue in the framework of the political process to upright democracy in our country. "