Spend the black Missan calls to prepare the social benefits of oil slips

2016/9/5 13:40

{Meyssan: Euphrates news} called the black Judiciary Council in Maysan governorate, province to expedite the preparation of the social benefits of slips affected areas from oil extraction.

He spend the black Abu subaih, {Euphrates news}, under the licensing round raised company won Cabinet {Alberto Shayna} in the alhalvaih field in the black, and within a decade decides to allocate five million dollars a year as social benefits for oil extraction operations affected areas. "

He noted, "this amount since 2013 became 18 billion dinars, and approved by a panel of social contributions since August 2015 and after authentication by the provincial Council has been raised to the province."

And "we encountered an obstacle in the province was Governor and artistic associate, no longer so that any disclosure, so we called through official channels, legal, media and have not seen a response to prepare statements."

"There is pressure by fans clamoring for preparing disclosures for launching projects including hospitals and bridges and infrastructure, extractions and overloads the mechanisms damaged roads and sidewalks until the climate pollution impact booster ignition.

We "demanded today by a meeting in the black kaemmkamih, make statements to be sent to my company Missan and {Alberto Shayna} to launch projects".