Citizen: election of Hakim as President of the National Alliance is crucial for Iraq

2016-09-05 12:50

Baghdad scales news

Representative citizen block announced Monday, choosing the head of the Supreme Council Ammar Hakim, leader of the National Alliance to replace Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, who holds the post of Foreign Minister.

Cluster head Hamid said in a statement received/balance khudari news/copy, we "hope in the election for the leadership of the National Alliance of Hakim's all goodness and hope that all political blocks are internalized in the Alliance cooperate and stand with the success of his mission in such difficult circumstances experienced by Iraq and the region from all coalition forces stand with him."

Vegetative added, "We also hope that the Coalition is now internal system Foundation and coalition forces working with frames and clear visions and objectives agreed by the CDIP blocks that have much in common", calling for "political blocs to cooperate with National Alliance at this time, to elect to the Presidency of the National Alliance would be crucial for Iraq."

Vegetative ruled in his election to the leadership of the Alliance with the election saying "Iraq not only elections, and there are big issues coincided with the progress of the security forces and the popular crowd review today fade but keeps the security situation and the State Department still has many problems and there are significant junctions between the forces of the National Alliance in the House of representatives and all these things will have priority and no specialized subject near elections.