Agricultural equipment sells mechanisms within the agricultural loans

2016/9/5 10:36

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Agriculture / General Company for Agricultural Supplies announced the availability of drawers and agricultural harvesters in its branches in Baghdad and the provinces are sold in accordance with the principle of direct sales, and within the agricultural loans.

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The tractors available Italian origin ability horsepower 44 and at a price of 33 million and 838 thousand and 750 dinars, while the ad explained provide harvester Sambo ability horsepower of $ 150 and the price of 191 million and 102 thousand dinars," pointing out that he "can be obtained at the company's branches in Baghdad and the provinces."

He pointed out, "can be found on the materials, agricultural supplies available to the public the company's agricultural equipment and its subsidiaries by visiting the website of the company [Page direct sales]."

It should be noted that the General Company for Agricultural equipment / one of the formations and the Ministry of Agriculture announced from time to time about the availability of equipment and agricultural mechanics can be obtained by agricultural loans in an effort to improve the agricultural reality in Iraq.