Iraqi Finance issued a new clarification on the grill Zebari

Twilight News Ministry of Finance / said the report by the Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri during interrogation Parliamentary Minister Hoshyar Zebari included mislead members of the House of Representatives and the public.
According to a statement of the ministry responded to the Twilight News, said al-Jubouri, was baptized by questioning display false and misleading information. "It confirms the Ministry of Finance non-payment of any amount of a chartered plane at all and that the invitation to attend its Minister on the Manama Dialogue conference in Bahrain in 2014, she was invited fundamentalist directed at him as finance minister."
He also confirmed that "non-payment of any dinars to rent a residence anyone members of the Minister's Office or its affiliates or the ministry, and that the rent Dar minister was among approvals and a formal contract and according to the instructions in force."
He continued financial statement "is not set any member of protection, and that protection is the escorts to the headquarters of the ministry in decades as instructed by the budget that allows for the renewal of such contracts and without any additional financial allocation law, and within the fundamentalist contracts, according to financial instructions in force."
She said the disbursements to transfer some protection personnel was due to road outages entirely between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region as a result of the control of terrorist Daesh gangs on the roads leading from Baghdad to the region for a period of just three months and by 150 million dinars, and not, as rumored, regardless of more than two billion dinars.
He concluded that the financial statement about the stress of the above public opinion that the accounts and records of the Ministry of Finance open to anyone who wants to view them involved, knowing that all the accounts and the balance of the monthly audited financial duly audited by the Office of Financial Supervision.