Five suicide bombings rocked different parts of Syria

A number of people were killed and dozens wounded in terrorist bombings Monday, September 5 / September targeting different areas in each of the city of Homs international highway Brive Tartous and by the patient in Damascus Hasaka.
The Syrian news agency SANA reported that a suicide terrorist car bomb attack at a roundabout near the door of destroying al - Zahra neighborhood in the city of Homs entrance, leaving dead and wounded.
Homs said health director Dr. Hassan soldier "arrived at the hospital affiliated to the Directorate Josmana martyrs and seven people were wounded were injured by the terrorist bombing."
The activists said that the blast targeted a Syrian army checkpoint at the entrance of al - Zahra neighborhood, killing two soldiers and wounding others, including civilians, were wounded. "
The official Syrian news agency also reported the occurrence of three other bombings when Orznh bridge on the international highway in the countryside of the city of Tartus, and the patient -abaja road in Damascus, in addition to the terrorist bombing of a motorcycle at a roundabout hired in Gsh.
Information did not refer to the toll of dead and wounded.