The killing of training cubs succession to Daesh official in Mosul

Early security source in Mosul operations command said the deaths of the so - called training Bochaabal Daesh succession to the city administrator.
The source added, that the flight of the Iraqi air force and based on accurate intelligence was able to target wheel official training so - called Cubs succession named name (Abu Harith al - Iraqi) air strike in downtown Mosul and the shelling of his death with a 3 of his companions.
The so- called (Abu Harith) is responsible for the training of the so - called Bochaabal succession as children age (13-14 years) abducted by elements of the terrorist Daesh of their loved ones and they trained them to murder and transmit the extremist ideas and then throwing them in the streets of the city of Mosul after the escape of many elements of Daesh out of the city.