Rapporteur of the parliament: the political laws widen the gap between the blocks will not pose without agreement
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} assured the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana, that the laws of a political nature will not be put on the agenda of the meetings of Parliament agenda without parliamentary blocs agreed upon.
Said Youkhana, told {Euphrates News}, " the controversial laws create an atmosphere is not suitable for legislation in the parliament, so do not put only when the agreement on the put , " noting that "put forward with the differences widen the gap between the political blocs, and unable to parliament for legislation for it to go to agreed legislation of interest to the reconciliation and the community. "
He explained, " there are many laws waiting for the legislation, some of them political in nature and controversial so far the political blocs it did not agree, as the law and the Federal Council, oil and gas and other laws remain the Federal Court. "
" at the same time , there are laws passed in the last stage, including a ban on the Baath Party, the general amnesty , "noting that" it is an achievement for the House of Representatives , "noting that" we are waiting for modifying the justice and accountability Law. "
He pointed parliament rapporteur to that," these laws related to reconciliation and calm conditions in the areas liberated from Daesh, for the purpose of the return of parents and community harmony, as we focus on laws that restore cohesion to the community. " It is
noteworthy that, several laws approved in parliament crashes since the previous sessions and the most important of the National Guard and the oil and gas of the Federal Court Rules and other trace differences that revolve around by the political blocs.
The House of Representatives planned, Youkhana, between yesterday's {Euphrates News}, that " the Federal Court Act is ready for a vote, but the political agreement did not get it , " adding that " the law is present and there were some points of contention have been processed, and there is a point between the Kurdistan Alliance and other blocs are still stuck until now has not been resolved yet. "
he was a member of the legal Committee of parliamentary Salim Chawki, he said on 30 July, for {Euphrates News}," there Twaqie collected by the House of Representatives for a legal Federal Court display and other important laws on the axes of the next sessions , "adding" there is a desire among the House and sincere intentions to legislate broken laws. "
noteworthy that, the House of Representatives voted on 25 of last August, approving the general amnesty law as issued Supreme Judicial Council 28 of August, the Implementing Regulations Aleghanon.anthy http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=126359