Indonesia demonstrated its willingness to develop the infrastructure and the oil sector in Dhi Qar

09/04/2016 18:03

Long-Presse / Dhi Qar

Confirmed the province of Dhi Qar management, on Sunday, we need to maintain Indonesia's expertise, particularly in the field of oil, tourism and trade, while expressing Jakarta willingness to develop the prospects of joint cooperation and the desire of corporations to contribute to the implementation of projects contribute to the development of infrastructure and the oil sector in Dhi Qar.

This came during a joint press conference for the governor of Dhi Qar, Yahia Nasseri, Indonesian Ambassador to Iraq, Bamba Mbang Antarickso held today, the Office of the province, the center of the city of Nasiriyah, (375 south of the capital Baghdad), attended by the (long-Presse).

The governor of Dhi Qar, said that "Indonesian Ambassador's visit important for the development of bilateral relations and to support reconstruction projects to maintain," asserting that "Dhi Qar need for advanced expertise of Indonesian companies in the field of oil, tourism and trade."

He said the Nazarene, "The Indonesian ambassador will continue his meetings with officials in the oil sector and the Chamber of Commerce Nasiriyah and businessmen Dhi Qar to lay the foundations for mutual cooperation."

For his part, the Indonesian Ambassador Bamba Antarickso Mbang, said that "Indonesian companies are willing to contribute to the development of infrastructure in Dhi Qar and implementation of projects in the energy, trade and tourism," vowing to "organize a visit to the oil company to discuss prospects for cooperation."

The Indonesian ambassador, arrived in the city of Nasiriyah, on Sunday morning, in his first visit to the province, and met with the Governor and senior local officials.