Commander of Nineveh edits confirms realigned military plans to tightly control the forces

2016/9/4 16:36

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Nineveh edits Commander major general Jabouri star realigned military plans to tightly control the city forces.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} copy of it, "the Commander of Nineveh edits Jabouri star Brigade, accompanied by the Commander of the fifteenth infantry forces hand lose, on field trips to inspect military units detent area there."

Jabouri emphasized on "reorder military plans in order to secure and control the city forces, met with the citizens of the district calling on them to maintain consistency on the liberalization of their areas and not to allow terrorists to infiltrate them.

From their side across forces area residents about "thanks and gratitude to the armed forces of maltreatment of terrorism and freeing their areas as well as humanitarian and health assistance to them".
Security forces announced on August 27 the past purging forces hand of ISIS garek missiles and terrorist gangs desecrated at least 700 people dead.

Special Forces Commander in the fight against terrorism General Maen Al-Saadi confirmed the readiness of security forces to go about editing areas graveyards of ISIS in Mosul terrorist gangs walshrkat hweejah.